Things to consider when choosing your Local Electrician:

How to choose your Local Electrician:

When you require the professional services of an Electrician you need to ensure that you reduce the chances of employing an incompetent or rouge electrician. Quite often we find that some clients we deal with have had a bad experience with a tradesman at some point in the past. This problem is more common than you may think and the reason the Electrical Safety Council recommends that before you engage an electrician you follow some basic steps to safeguard against this.

In our experience the best way to ensure you are hiring a competent Electrician is to be aware of the essential stages before, during and after the project is completed:

  • 1: Remember to be clear about what you want and always ask for a written quotation.

2: Carry out some basic checks on GOOGLE. A good local Electrician will have a good online presence detailing their company details, registration with a governing body, work history and client testimonials.

3: Ask for references, a good electrician will not hesitate to provide them.

4: Check that they are registered with a reputable body, don’t just take their word for it. Request the electrician’s membership number with photographic identification.

5: Ask the electrician to provide a copy of their Public Liability and Professional indemnity Insurance and enquire as to whether they have a complaints resolution process.

 6: Ask if they offer an insurance-backed warranty for a period of six years.

If you are not employing the electrician directly but through a main contractor/builder, then we would still recommend that you check the electrician’s credentials by following points 3 – 6 above. If you have to request the information via your main contractor/builder do not be afraid to ask for more than verbal assurances as these will not provide you with any recourse if the electrician turns out to be a rogue electrician.

Avoid dealing in cash as it is easy to lose track of what you have paid. Pay by cheque, card or electronic bank transfer and always ask for a receipt.

During the work:

  • Should you need to make changes to a quotation, always confirm these with the electrician in writing.

If you have any concerns/queries talk to the electrician straight away. Make it clear exactly what you are concerned/unhappy about. Two way communication is essential for the whole process to run smoothly.

In the event you are unable to resolve any issues directly with the electrician or the company who employ them, contact the Governing Body they are registered with, as they will be able to advise you and will work with both parties to try and reach a solution.

If the electrician you employ does not appear to be approved by any organisation then contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or log onto

After the work is completed:

Where required, the electrician should provide you with an electrical installation certificate which will confirm that the work carried out meets the UK Technical Standard, BS 7671. (this should be issued relatively quickly)

Electrical work carried out that is covered under Building Regulations will be Notified to Building Control by the Electrician. This will be Notified through the Electrician’s Governing Body and processed by the relevant Local Authority. A Building Control notice will then be sent out to the address in which the work was carried out in due course.

Once you have received the certificate(s) relating to the electrical work ensure you put them in a safe place as you may need to provide them as proof that you have had electrical work carried out, especially if you decide to sell the property in the future.